The 16th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Entry Terms and Conditions

Contest theme

“Your Dream Car”

Target applicants

15 years old and under who live in KENYA

Age Categories

  1. Category 1: 7  years old or under
  2. Category 2: 8-11 years old
  3. Category 3: 12-15 years old

Entry period

30th November, 2022 to 28th February, 2023

Entry guidelines
Both original artworks*1 and digital data*2 will be acceptable. Please send artworks to the contest office according to the following guidelines. (*1: Hand drawing artworks, prints of computer graphics artworks; * 2 : Photographing/scanned data of hand drawing artworks, computer graphics data)

(1) Paper size: 400mm x 550 mm (15.7-21.7in.) or smaller
* The recommended size is A3 or tabloid size. (A4, quarter, and octavo sizes are also acceptable.)
* The color, material, and shape of paper can be chosen freely.
* The artwork with a thickness of over 5mm will be disqualified.

(2) Drawing materials: Any
* Any drawing materials can be used, such as color pencils, markers, crayons, or paints.
* Computer graphics artwork created on a computer or similar device will be accepted.
* Collage or cutout pictures will be allowed for plane drawings, excluding ones making other artworks dirty or requiring special care in handling.

[Unacceptable Artworks]
* Collaborative artwork drawn by multiple individuals
* Artwork created by a person other than the participant.
* Piece with incomplete Entry Forms or missing information
* Drawings fetching photographs
* Drawings that resemble the famous paintings and the previous Toyota Dream Car Art Contest artworks
* Drawings including trademarked characters, logos, and specific goods

(3) Entry form
Please prepare an entry form.
Download the entry form below or obtain it from CFAO Motors Kenya (Formerly Toyota Kenya) – Branch and Dealer

Original artworks*1
Please fill in all the necessary items on the Entry Form, and securely attach it to the back of your artwork, or send it’s password-protected scanned data (PDF) by email

Digital data*2
Please fill in all the necessary items on the Entry Form and send it’s password-protected scanned data (PDF) by email.

Parent/Guardian’s consent is needed to apply for this contest.

Application (Submission) Location
To CFAO Motors Kenya Limited- Office of the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest
Uhuru Highway Opp Nyayo Stadium
P.O.Box 3391-00506

Judging will be strictly conducted in two stages.

National Contest
(1) Artworks entered are judged as the Kenya National Contest. Top 3 excellent artworks are to be selected from each category.
(2) The top 3 place in each category in the Kenya National Contest will be submitted to the World Contest that will be held in Japan.

World Contest
(1) In the World Contest, these entries selected from each country and region will be judged by a jury panel, where award winners will be selected.
Note: Past Winners of World Contest cannot be awarded in the same category again.
[“Winners” refer to; Grand Prize, Best Finalist (Encouragement Award in the 11th and the 12th Contest), and Special Award winners.]


National Contest
The top 3 artworks from each age category at the Kenya National Contest will be announced on this website and a prizes will be awarded to the winners.

World Contest
As supplementary prize, prize money intended to be used for educational purposes will be presented as follows:
* 5,000USD prize money to Grand Prize winners in each category (3 persons in total) / Special Award winners in all categories (2 persons in total)
* 10,000USD prize money to Grand Prize / Special Award winners’ elementary / junior high / high schools.
* 3,000USD prize money to 7 Best Finalists in each category (21 persons in total)

Guidelines for Prize Money
(1) All the taxes related to prize money and expenses which are not specifically described on this official terms and conditions should be paid and borne by the winner or his/her parent(s)/ guardian and winner’s school themselves.
(2) The prize money payment should be settled based on the rate of remittance date.
(3) When receiving prize money, the winner’s parent(s)/guardian and responsible person of his/her school need to sign on the receipt.
(4) The necessity of filing final tax returns/tax payment should be confirmed by the winner or his/her  parent(s)/guardian and winner’s school themselves based on local regulations and proceeded  accordingly.

– World Contest Winners and their schools should agree with the Terms and Conditions which will be separately set to receive prize money.
– Regarding supplementary prize, please note that there is possibility to change depends on contest  organizer’s discretion.

Announcement of winners
Winners (or the person in charge of each group) will be notified to them and their schools by the contest  office.
The results of Kenya National Contest are scheduled to be announced around March 2023 while the  result of the World Contest will be announced on the Official Website of the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest  around August 2023.
(URL: )

(1) Submissions that have previously been released, submissions that have been entered in other  contests, and submissions that infringe on a third party’s copyrights will not be accepted.
(2) Multiple submissions are allowed from the same person. However, only one prize will be awarded  per person.
(3) Family members of employees of Toyota or Toyota Motor Corporation related companies are also  eligible to participate.
(4) Any private information collected as part of the contest will not be used for any other purpose.
(5) All rights in the submitted artworks, including but not limited to publication, use, adaption, editing,  and revision rights, will belong to Toyota Motor Corporation.
(6) The submitted artworks may be used in advertisements and printed materials by Toyota Motor  Corporation and partner companies that have supported the contest and obtained an official  approval by Toyota Motor Corporation for the purpose of advertising.
(7) Prize eligibility may not be transferred or sold to a third party.
(8) The winners must submit to Toyota Motor Corporation a declaration attesting that they meet the  eligibility requirements and an agreement that they will not submit their award-winning artworks  to any other art contest.
(9) This contest will be invalid in regions which are prohibited or restricted legally.

Handling of personal information
Usage purposes:
(1) Notification of judging and judging results of this contest
(2) Sending of supplementary prize for this contest by mail
(3) Surveys for the purpose of improving the content of this contest, and for anonymous statistical  analysis for marketing, etc.
(4) Under adequate safeguards any usage deemed necessary by Toyota Motor Corporation in order  to conduct the contest fairly and safely.

– Disclosure of personal information to third parties: With the exception of providing personal  information to contractors within the necessary scope of conducting this contest, personal information will not be disclosed to third parties without the permission of the individual.
– In operating and managing this contest, personal information will be provided to a company  contracted to handle personal information that has adequate safeguards in place.

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