Frequently Asked Asked Questions

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Why Yamaha?

Yamaha known for its world class technology and superb performance and class leading quality and durability.
We have a wide range of bikes to suit your needs

  • Farm/ Agri Bikes​-AG120 & AG200​
  • Trail Bikes​-XTZ125,DT125 & DT175​
  • Semi Trail Bikes, YBR125G​
  • Street Bikes​ CRUX110​ , FZ150N, XT900P (Police)

What do I legally have to wear on a motorcycle?

Mandatory – Helmet, reflective Jacket
Others – Safety boots & gloves

Where Can I purchase Spare parts?

You can purchase Yamaha products and spare parts from any Toyota branch or dealer net- work Country wide

What is the Engine capacity?

Motorcycle Displacement Engine type Fuel Tank Capacity
Yamaha Crux 110CC 4-stroke,air cooled,SOHC,2 valve 7.2L
Yamaha AG 125 125CC 4-stroke single cylinder 11L
Yamaha AG200 200CC 4-stroke single cylinder 10L
DT 175 175CC Air-cooled 2-stroke, reed-valve, single 10L
DT 125 125CC Air-cooled 2-stroke, reed-valve, single 10L
YBR 125G 125CC 4-stroke, air-cooled
sohc, 2 valves
XTZ125E 125CC Air-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC 11L
XT250 250CC Air-cooled SOHC,4-stroke, 2 valves 9.9L
FZ-S 149CC Air-cooled SOHC,4-stroke, 2 valves 12L

Where Can I purchase Spare parts?

You can purchase Yamaha products and spare parts from any Toyota branch or dealer net- work Country wide

How do I get a brochure regarding new Yamaha products?

Brochures are available online in PDF format or you can contact our customer service

Do you sell accessories?

Yes we do sell accessories;

  • Helmet.
  • Riding suit with reflector & lining
  • Crash bar
  • Leather riding gloves
  • Riding boots
  • Anti -theft installation (Alarm)
  • Chain lock
  • Carrier boxes in different sizes etc

Do you offer after sales fleet management?

Yes we do, our fleet customers enjoy quick response time at discounted rates

Do you have Spare parts?

Yes, we stock spare parts for Yamaha motorcycles in our branches & dealers

How economical is Yamalube?

Brand Change intervals in a month Price per litre Price
Yamaha 1 sh500 Sh500
Other brands 2 sh350 Sh 700

Why Yamalube?

  • Gives extended period of  service up to 4000km while other oils give you less
  • Yamalube offers best protection and performance for your engine
  •  Environmentally friendly

What other value adds does Yamaha offer?

  • Basic Training on safe riding and basic maintenance for fleet customer For riders, For technicians who maintain the units in their workshops
  • One-stop shop
  • Trade In
  • Valuations
  • Overnight courier services –parts/accessories

Which models are available?

  • Vitara
  • Jimny
  • Ciaz
  • Swift
  • Alto

What is the Price & Engine Capacity?

Vehicle Starting Price Engine
Alto From Ksh 870,000 800cc
Swift From Ksh 1,700,000 1200cc
Ciaz From Ksh 2,400,000 1500cc
Jimny From Ksh 2,900,000 1500cc
Vitara From Ksh 3,100,000 1600cc

Why Suzuki?

  • Customers have a wide range of options-Toyota; Suzuki is home to a wide range of fuel efficient cars—800cc to 1600cc making them very economical
  • Suzuki models are attractive- stylish design; different colours; exciting
  • Suzuki models will now enjoy service from Toyota Kenya service centres
  • Suzuki will have access to the wide area network of Toyota Kenya
  • Warranty -each new vehicle three-year guarantee
  • Toyota Kenya is now home to suzuki meaning all your suzuki service needs are taken care of
  • Reasonable prices range ksh870,000-ksh3.8m
    Suzuki service intervals are after every 100,000km

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we do offer financing.-Partnered with major banks

Do you offer service or parts?

Yes we do

Do I have to have my Suzuki serviced at a Toyota Kenya?

We recommend that you service your Suzuki at Toyota Kenya, as the technicians are trained on Suzuki product and have access to special tools and regular product updates, ensuring that your vehicle is serviced or repaired to the highest standards, however it is not compulsory.

Where are you located?

We’re located at Toyota Kenya Showroom on Uhuru Highway opp Nyayo Stadium Or call 0719 029380

When are you open?

Mon-Fri – 8:30am to 5:15pm
Sat – 8:30am to 1:00pm

When was Toyota Kenya Established?

Toyotas were first introduced to Kenya in 1964 when Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) opened a representative office and appointed Westlands Motors (WM) as its distributor. In 1999, Toyota Tsusho Corporation’s subsidiary Toyota Kenya became the sole appointed distributor for Toyota vehicles in Kenya.

Which vehicles does Toyota Kenya distribute in the country?

Toyota Kenya is the sole appointed distributor and service provider of Toyota, Yamaha, Hino brands in Kenya. Toyota Kenya is also an appointed a distributor of Suzuki brand in Kenya.

Where can one access Toyota Kenya services?

In Nairobi we have two additional branches aside from the head office, and branches in 31 locations across the country.

Do Toyota Kenya vehicles come with warranty?

Vehicles purchased from Toyota Kenya come with a 100,000km or 3-year warranty, whichever comes first. Customers also receive 25,000km or one-year free service.

Are Hino trucks associated with Toyota Kenya?

Toyota Kenya is the sole authorized distributor of the Hino trucks and buses in the country. Toyota Kenya has been selling the HINO trucks and buses, the best-selling Japanese truck in the world, since 2013. The trucks which are assembled locally have been built to handle the harsh terrains and provide superior comfort for both the driver and the passengers.

Do you manufacture your vehicles locally?

Toyota Kenya assembles three vehicle models locally. These are the Land Cruiser LC79 (used by the National Police Service and the Tour industry), the Hino 300 and 500 series trucks and just recently we started the assembly of the Hilux pickup.

How can a customer access genuine spare-parts?

Toyota Kenya has a dedicated and fully-fledged spare-parts and after sale facilities which offer exemplary service. These are available at all our branches and the Toyota Kenya Approved Service Centres.

Does Toyota Kenya engage in any corporate social initiatives?

Through the Toyota Kenya Foundation, the company has implemented a holistic approach of living and prospering together with people and the society. The Foundation has over the years partnered with the government and non-governmental organizations as well as communities to provide support in education, health, environment conservation and safety.

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