Yamaha Service

At Yamaha we strive to create the best customer experience and satisfaction. Our modern workshop offers the best facilities, tools and equipment to cater for all your motorcycling requirements ‘ on road and off road’. Our modern workshops offers the best facilities , tools and equipment with a technical team who are highly trained to offer quality of workmanship and efficiency. Our trained and experienced service technicians provide the highest level of maintenance, repair and after sales service.

Fleet services

For our fleet customers, we have Mobile Service Clinic Vans capable of delivering service work, inspections, repairs and minor warranty work remotely at the fleet base location.

21 point service checklist

Yamaha 21 point service checklist
  • Replace engine oil and check for any leakages
  • Clean & re-gap spark plugs. Replace if necessary
  • Clear Air Filter element and lubricate where applicable with 4Toil
  • Check operation of front and rear brakes. Adjust if necessary
  • Clean chain slackness and alignment. Adjust if necessary
  • Clean and lubricate for proper clutch functioning
  • Clean battery, check electrolyte level and proper routing of breather pipe
  • Check and tune carburetor, set the idle RP as recommended
  • Check fuel coke and fuel filter
  • Check for any crack or damage on fuel hose
  • Check valve clearance, adjust if necessary
  • Check all electrical operations
  • Check for wheel run out / spokes looseness (if applicable). Respair if necessary
  • Check wheel bearings for looseness
  • Check for steering & adjust if required
  • Check front fork leakages & rear shock absorber operation
  • Tighten nuts and bolts, specifically cylinder head, engine mounting to the specified torque
  • Check and correct air pressure in front and rear tyres
  • Lubricate al the pivot points
  • Carry out full body and engine wash
  • Short road tests
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